FRASER (confluence)

FRASER (confluence)
Disturbances in the Field / Curated by Caitlin Chaisson
Omnica Arts
​ /​ Prince George | Occupied and unceded Lheidli T’enneh Territory
May 13th – May 27th​ 2017

Photos by Caitlin Chaisson + Denis Gutiérrez-Ogrinc

“Influenced by Lucy Lippard’s claim that “every place name is a story, an outcropping of the shared tales that form the bedrock of community” [4], Maize wondered about the sociopolitical motivations behind re-naming a place, and the instabilities of place and community that accompany such alterations in the ‘bedrock’. Over the course of two days, Maize conceptualized a sculpture-based performance piece titled FRASER (confluence). The work makes use of the name Simon Fraser, a figure whose presence in the region continues to be channeled through the river named after him.”
– Caitlin Chaisson

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Thanks to Arts Nova Scotia for their support of this project.