Going, Going


This installation is part of Uncommon Common Art 2O16.
here: http://www.uncommoncommonart.com

“We are the first generations born into a new and unprecedented age — the age of ecocide. To name it thus is not to presume the outcome, but simply to describe a process which is underway. The ground, the sea, the air, the elemental backdrops to our existence — all these our economics has taken for granted, to be used as a bottomless tip, endlessly able to dilute and disperse the tailings of our extraction, production, consumption…Philip Larkin gave voice to this attitude, and the creeping, worrying end of it in his poem Going, Going” – The Dark Mountain Manifesto

 Look for the poem engraved on granite stone in the intertidal zone between the wharf and the land during low tide. A big thanks to Heritage Memorials in Windsor for the lettering work.