night, nigh lightbulb

night, nigh lightbulb sketch
image by Topher Rae Studios
text: El Jones

night, nigh lightbulb was an experimental text-based collaboration that uses light, sound, algorithms, improvisation, the alphabet, twitter and the exquisite corpse to probe the nocturnal spectacle in the Halifax Public Garden. Throughout the night, the bandstand will become a beacon, where resurgent archival materials clash with live commentary and improvisational provocations probe our collective memories causing a current of circumstances

Nocturne: Vanish 2017
Curated by Anna Sprague and Emily Lawrence
Live text by:
Killa Atencio
Andre Fenton
El Jones
Nolan Natasha Pike
Erin Wunker

Projection Wizardry by Nicholas Bottomley

big thanks to Shannon Webb-Campbell, Josh Collins, Silas Magee Hanavan, Halley Roback